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Automated Dispensing Machines- to have or have not?

Automated Dispensing Machine


When deciding whether your facility should invest in automated dispensing machines, the following should be considered


  1. Patient specific transactions recorded with date and time stamp.
  2. Inventory list and quantities available up to date by report.
  3. Expiration date tracking available by report.
  4. Ability to add dispensing warnings for specific medications.
  5. Controlled substance tracking and witness documentation.


  1. Significant upfront costs for the machine(s), installation, and training.
  2. Staff member(s) must be trained to replenish medications within the machine and troubleshoot problems.
  3. It does require maintenance of the medication lists within the database, user access, and any restrictions applied to the medications.
  4. Some practice sites could work efficiently without the machine using tackle boxes/kits.
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